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About the Department of Painting

Our Department of Painting at Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya in Varanasi holds a rich history since 1954. At our Painting Department, we believe that art is a powerful medium for self-expression and societal reflection. Our mission is to provide a dynamic and nurturing environment where students can unlock their artistic potential and explore the world of colors, shapes, and ideas. Our experienced faculty members are not just educators; they are mentors who guide and inspire students to find their unique artistic voice.

A Creative approach:

Fine arts create a novel approach to expressing our emotions. Our academic curriculum provides students with a concentrated and unified methodology for their studies. The Painting Department fulfills its objectives by conducting a comprehensive exploration of society through the medium of art. What distinguishes the Painting Department is its adeptness at providing an encompassing perspective on society and culture. Our overarching goal is to emphasize the significance of these artistic fields and provide valuable insights to address societal challenges through the medium of art.

The Undergraduate Program (U.G.):

The educational program offered by our department is designed to offer students a thorough and in- depth comprehension of the foundational aspects of the arts. The program not only acquaints students with the language of art but also conveys a profound understanding of the significant roles fulfilled by elements, lines, color theory, and the principles of art.

Beyond the Classroom:

The Department actively engages in a diverse array of activities, encompassing both indoor and outdoor studies, visits to museums, and historical sites, and contemplation of the Varanasi Ghats, with the intent of gaining a deeper understanding of the sculpture and human gestures. Furthermore, we encourage the students to their skills by practicing the fundamental elements of social life. This practice serves as a foundation for the creation of thoughtful and socially relevant artworks, and students subsequently apply this acquired knowledge in their artistic endeavors, resulting in meaningful and impactful artistic expressions. The institution invites various eminent artists for the purpose of conducting demonstrations, including lectures and workshops etc. Students visits to various locations to gain insights into understanding social activities and values, aiming to establish connections between contemporary art and the current societal landscape.


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