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Ecotalks is an academic platform for the students of Economics. It was established in a meetingheld on 12.10.2023 in which all members of Ecotalks namely Students of M.A. I Economics,M.A. II Economics and B.A.III Economics participated.


  1. Organization of Seminar & Workshops
  2. Organization of various competitions
  3. Publication of a Departmental e- Magazine ‘ECOVERSE’

Working Group:

Chair Person- Head of the Department, Economics,


  • All the faculty members of Department of Economics
  • All the students of B.A.(Hons.) III, M.A. I Economics, M.A. II Economics
Interactive Session on Contribution of Nobel Laureate Claudia Golden in Economics


Club Antiquity

The department with its club ‘Antiquity’ plans to delve into vast spectrum of academic commitments. It is established to bring together students with good academic pursuit who have the ability to organize/ perform at the Expert Talks, Students’ Colloquiums and Competitions etc. The club is fully operated by the students under the mentorship of teachers.

Date of inauguration- 15.10.23

Department Allumni Meet-15.10.23
Lecture on Rock Art in Ancient India- 20.10.23

Besant Club

The Besant Club is an honest effort of ‘Progression of Annie Besant Spirit Committee’ to reinforce the ideals of Dr. Annie Besant in a way that the legacy of highest values of her life stays permanently in the hearts of those who choose to study in this prestigious campus of Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya at Kamachha, Varanasi.

A poster making competition was organized on 6.12.23
A poster making competition
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