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This cell will accept complaints regarding academic matters inclusive of students and teachers’ conduct, discipline inclusive of anti-ragging ethics, sexual harassment and protection of equal rights and redress them promptly, judiciously and sensitively enough to ensure justice besides creating a good ambience and interactive workplace culture within the students, teachers and the college staff imbued with understanding and respect.


1. Selection of Co-ordinator, Faculty Members and Student Representatives The selection of the following members in the Grievance Redressal Cell will be as follows:

  • Selection of Co-ordinator –To be selected by sole discretion of the Principal
  • Selection of Faculty Members – Two faculty members to be selected by the Principal in consultation with the Co-ordinator.
  • Selection of Student Representative- Four students to be selected by the above members.

2. In case of sexual harassment complaints:
After the enactment of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressed) Act, 2013, as per the UGC Regulations 2015:

  • There will be nine members: a Presiding Officer, two faculty members and two non-teaching employees, one member from amongst non-government organisations or association and three students.
  • Three students will be elected through transparent democratic procedure.
  • The term of office of the members shall be for three years; HEIs may also employ a system whereby one-third of the members may change every year.

3. In case of SC/ ST complaints:

A liaison officer should be selected.

4. Role of the members in the committee:

  • To participate in meetings, and redress the complaints, maintain a file of the minutes of meetings.
  • In case of sexual harassment complaints, the members should take action promptly.
  • In case of anti-ragging and SC/ST complaints, a meeting between the members and the liaison officer to take place in order to redress the issue.


  • The discipline and grievance redressal cell will take complaints through designated e-mail and the details of the incidents.
  • The committee would aim to encourage students to express their grievances.
  • The records will be maintained and proper redressal would take place irrespective of the position of the complainant and complaint.


  • Dr. Shanta Chatterjee (Incharge)
  • Prof. Kalpalata Dimri
  • Prof. Poonam Pandey
  • Dr. Shubra Sinha
  • Dr. Sunita Dixit
  • Ms. Soumili Mondal

Email ID grc@vkm.org.in

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