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Sanskrit Matri Mandalam


Sanskrit Matri Mandalam, established in 1991, a non-profiting voluntary organization, is being sustained entirely by VKM. The basic purpose of Sanskrit Matri Mandalam is to promote interest in those students who do not know the rich heritage of this classical language. Even the faculties of the college are deeply inspired to learn the rudiments of Sanskrit as Matri Mandalam promotes practical application of the language along with its academic use. To achieve this end, Matri Mandalam implements a schedule of yearlong programmes, which includes a spoken Sanskrit session every month entirely organized by the students of this college. This spoken Sanskrit workshop is named as Vagvardhini Sabha. The activities of this platform are held every month to promote language skill of students. Other activities of Sanskrit

Matri Mandalam are: -

  • Lecture series to highlight the legacy of the past.
  • Workshop for appreciation of variety of Sanskrit meters.
  • Elocution in Sanskrit.
  • Recitation of the time-honoured Sanskrit verses.
  • Cultural programmes.


The committee has organized three series of online workshops for inculcating conversation skills in Sanskrit Language namely ई -संभाषण शिविर श्रृंखला. These programmes were conducted from 07.06.21-13.06.21, 15.06.21-21.06.21, 23.06.21-30.06.2021 respectively.

Besides this the committee also organized ई-वाग्वर्धिनी सभा in collaboration with सार्वभौम संस्कृत संस्थान dated on 16.01.22. The resource persons were Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari, Sri Shambhu Tripathi, Sri Rajkumar Mishra, Sri Chandrakant Dutt Shukla and Dr. Saroj Kumar Pandey. 47 participants attended the program.

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