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In the early nineties, a group of teachers specially from the departments of Hindi, English and Sanskrit, felt a need to rejuvenate themselves and redefine their role as teachers of literature. It was felt that by passively conveying the opinions of critics and teaching literary theories, teachers of literature can never do justice to the art of arousing power of creativity lying dormant in the students. The desire to say and do something original and creative persistently enthused Dr. Savitri Srivastava, the then Head, Department of Hindi, along with like-minded colleagues to create a platform where they could give expression to their creativity.


This intense desire led them to form the core body of Sarjana comprising teachers and students of literature. It decided to meet once every month and 18th was the singled-out date. The practice of this creative forum was to read out original poems composed both by the teachers and students. Gradually more and more students from different departments joined to recite their original poems and read out short stories. One fondly remembers those years when Sarjana touched a height as students published hand-written Sarjana magazine containing well edited poems both by teachers and students. This activity continued for approximately six years. One must mention the emergence of a little wall magazine, two issues of which came out successfully. The entire job was accomplished by students and teachers jointly. Sarjana gradually started celebrating its annual day when renowned writers from the world of Hindi literature graced the programme as guests of honour and encouraged the students and staff members profoundly with their suggestions and motivation.

Around the seventh year of Sarjana, a different orientation was given to it. Instead of remaining as merely a literary forum, Sarjana assumed the capacity of a multi-dimensional platform which promoted, projected and applauded various academic and cultural activities pursued by students in the college. Quiz, debate, essay-writing, oration on the one hand supported the academic output of students and theatre, dance, song, painting, rangoli, mehndi, flower decoration and many other creative activities sustained the extra-curricular and cultural activities of the students.


The dynamism of Sarjana is in fact its sheet anchor that has sustained it all these years of changes and enabled it to face the challenges by imparting to it an all-inclusive and flexible attitude. It has diversified its creative identity into myriad branches of academic and cultural pursuits. In short, Sarjana looks forward

  • to enhance the creativity of students
  • to enhance the organizational and managerial skill of students
  • to promote the overall personality development of students
  • to create greater opportunities for students to interact


At present, Sarjana is helping a number of students to realize their creative potential through this platform. It is preparing them to grow in a multi-dimensional manner. They are prepared for inter-university cultural and academic competitions and interactions and meet experts of national level.

The students win not only individual prizes and certificates in all the events but there is a great incentive to win the running shield of Sarjana. B.A. Part-I, Part-II, Part-III and M.A I & II contest fiercely to grab this running shield.


Previously the college faced an acute space problem to accommodate the majority of its students under one roof. In 2004, an open stage was built to facilitate the organizing the competitions. Sometimes family practices and taboos restrict the students from participation. We counsel the parents and the success rate is encouraging.

Structure of Sarjana

  • Patron - Principal
  • Co-ordinator - 1 Faculty member
  • Executive Body - 11 Faculties & Student Representatives
  • General Body - Staff & Students


In the Academic Session 2021-22 college cultural forum 'Sarjana' organized 14 competitions which included Business Planning, G.K. Quiz, Comic Strip, Mimicry, Mono Acting, Photography, Photo Story Writing, Music Direction, Logo Designing and Web Banner Making. The inaugural session of the programme was held on 12.02.2022. The Competitions involved all the classes of UG & PG courses and a total of 210 entries were submitted in different categories. On the basis of google form the college could acquire data to understand the inclination of students towards various cultural and academic segments. The competitions were organized in the month of February, 2022 in hybrid mode. The valedictory ceremony of the programme was held on 19.04.2022.

Sarjana Committee:


  • Dr. Nairanjana Srivastava (Incharge)
  • Dr. Anuradha Bapuly (Co- Incharge)
  • Dr. Shashikala
  • Dr. Ashish Kumar Sonker
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
  • Dr. Sunita Dixit
  • Dr. Purnima
  • Dr. Shashikesh Kumar Gond
  • Dr. Arti Kumari
  • Ms. Diksha Jaiswal
  • Dr. Arti Chowdhary
  • Dr. Mishra Khushboo Ashokkumar
  • Dr. Varsha Singh

Student Representative

  • Ms. Dishari Biswas
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