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The women’s study cell of the college started (in 2004) with a purpose to make students aware about the socio-cultural economic, political and legal standing of 21st century woman in India. The founder members/co-ordinators of this college cell, have always been active participants of the CWSD, B.H.U. since its inception (i.e. in 1988). They, over the years, have sharpened their acumen in this branch of study and social work, which addresses the gender problems.


Before starting the cell “Udaan” in a formal shape, the college persistently encouraged the teachers and students to create a platform where activities on gender problems could be meaningfully addressed. Udaan has brought the students at the centre of activities.They are empowered to face the challenges of the socio-cultural violence, economic and political marginalization.This vibrating platform ensures total students′ participation in decision-making. The organizational setup involves both the students and staff members (Teaching & Non-Teaching both).


  • To empower the students to face the challenges of the socio – cultural violence, economic and political marginalisation.
  • To open minds of students to issues and problems relating to the status and role of women in India.
  • To make them aware of the differences in the treatment of the genders at home and at work place.
  • To tutor students on laws set up to uphold their rights.
  • To study the role and contribution of women in the evolution of society.
  • o lay bare forms of oppression adopted against women.
  • To bring the students at the centre of activities and to ensure their total participation in decision making.


Udaan is a forum which has created gender sensitization among not only students but also our staff members. The latest laws and developments in the area of women empowerment are discussed amongst students and teachers which enlighten them immensely. Udaan has, in previous years, invited social activists and eminent speakers to lay bare the reports of various committees formed especially to address women related issues. Students have also staged a number of shruti-natak addressing various issues like women education, dowry deaths, rape victims, domestic violence and sex determination etc. All these activities have awakened and empowered students' confidence in meeting the various challenges that life may pose to them.


  • The college has limited space which sometimes poses a hindrance to full-fledged activity on the part of cells like Udaan.
  • There is time constraint due to multiple co-curricular activities.
  • Limited funds

Structure of Udaan:

Patron – Principal

Co-ordinator – 1 Faculty member

Executive Body – 5 Faculties and students from B.A.& M.A.

General Body: - Teaching and Non-teaching staff and students of VKM


The women's study cell 'UDAAN' organized 5 events in the current academic session which included 4 lectures and a Documentary Short Film Show on 'Gender Equality' emphasizing that 'Equal Rights are not Special Rights'. The speakers for various sessions were invited from different backgrounds and work experiences who delivered their lectures on relevant issues like 'STAND-UP against street harassment' by Mr. Shubham Tiwari Trainer, Breakthrough on June 28, 2021 ; 'Let's be aware: DOs & DON'Ts of Cyber Security' by Mr. Puneet Gautam Gawali, Expert of Digital Forensics, Information Security and Fraud on October 23, 2021 ; 'Women's Rights: Text and Context' by Dr. Bibha Tripathi, Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University on November 20, 2021; 'Strength of Womanhood' by Sri Hari Narayan Chari Mishra, IPS (1st Police Commissioner of Indore) on February 15, 2022. Programs were organized in online mode.

Women Study Cell (UDAAN) Committee:


  • Dr. Anshu Shukla (Incharge)
  • Prof. Seema Verma
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
  • Dr. Priyanka
  • Dr. Supriya Singh
  • Dr. Shashikesh Kumar Gond
  • Dr. Pratima Singh
  • Ms. Simran Seth

Ministerial Staff :

  • Ms. Yogita Vishwakarma
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